ccAudits is now on Made for FileMaker

ccAudits has 19 different types of questions


Atlanta, GA: Today, Creative Computing is proud to announce that ccAudits, the mobile FileMaker checklist, survey, and form building app for iPads is now on Made for FileMaker.

Start collecting data in minutes and cut your inspection times in half with ccAudits, a FileMaker checklist template creation app available at Create customizable audit and inspection checklists, surveys, questionnaires and other mobile forms for use on or offline. Edit your forms, add skip logic without writing any code and file reports in half the time.

– create any kind of form or survey
– cut inspection times in half
– skip logic to change what question the user sees next based on how they answer the current question
– 19 question types for higher quality data capture
– add photos, audio, videos and images to your instructions
– add photos, audio and videos to your responses
– capture electronic signatures and GPS locations
– export completed reports as PDF and CSV (for Excel)
– edit templates and share with other users via the Cloud
– create form templates in the app or thru Excel
– email reports in PDF format directly from your iPad
– load multiple forms onto a single iPad and quickly select between them while in the field
– collect data offline without an Internet connection
– sync your data to a hosted database when you get back online
– connect to anything on the web: web pages, documents, images, videos, etc. right in the app

No more searching for paper forms. No more printing. No more data entry errors.

No user accounts or programming required. No need for a web browser or desktop computer. Just download the app to your iPad.

ccAudits requires FileMaker Go 13 or 14.


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