FileMaker User Licenses

Here’s what’s new with FileMaker 17 User Licenses

FileMaker 17

Three licensing programs available

There are three different licensing programs: User Licensing, Site Licensing, and Concurrency Licensing. You can purchase an annual or perpetual license.

User Licenses

You can install up to three instances of FileMaker Server. If you have annual licensing, one of the three server instances can be installed in FileMaker Cloud.

Starting with FileMaker 17, FileMaker User Licenses use one connection per user. This means each connection to FileMaker Server: through FileMaker client, a web browser using FileMaker WebDirect, or through FileMaker Go on the iPad or iPhone.

For example, if you have a 5 user license and 5 users connected to FileMaker Server using FileMaker client and throughout the day 2 of them also want connect to FileMaker Server using FileMaker WebDirect while 3 also want to connect using FM Go on their iPhones, they will not be able to. The 5 user connections mean only 5 connections to FileMaker Server are permitted at any one time, regardless of the source. There are no concurrent or simultaneous connections.

Concurrent Licenses

With FileMaker 17’s User Licenses a single user can never simultaneously connect to FileMaker Server with FileMaker client, FileMaker WebDirect and FileMaker Go on their iPad and FileMaker Go on their iPhone. FileMaker Legacy Licensing with concurrent connections is the only way to have simultaneous connections.

If you already have a license that allows concurrent connections, you’ll need to speak with a FileMaker sales rep to keep concurrent connections when you upgrade to FileMaker 17.

Site Licenses

Site licenses = a minimum of 25 users. Site Licenses are now only able to install as many licenses of FileMaker Server as they have users, which is a slight change from the previously unlimited number of FileMaker servers.

FileMaker (Pro) client

FileMaker client works whether connected to FileMaker Server or not; it works both online and offline.

FileMaker Pro now includes all the functionality of FileMaker Pro Advanced: Script Debugger, Data Viewer, enable Database Encryption, custom menus, custom functions, Database Design Report, and Kiosk mode. They are no longer two separate products. You turn on Advanced functions through a Preferences checkbox.

FileMaker Data API

The FileMaker Data API allows for unlimited inbound data and 2GB of outbound data per month for each licensed user every year. If you have 5 users, that means you’re licensed for 120GB (5 * 2 * 12) of outbound data every year. You can purchase additional API outbound data transfer units of 2 GBs per user license, per month (without adding additional users) by contacting a FileMaker sales rep.

Single license key

Each license contract has a single license key. That license key will also remain the same from version to version for as long as your contract is active. This simplifies deployment and the management of license keys.