How do I show my company’s total sales, with subtotals by region and salesrep using FileMaker Pro and Lasso?

Modified on September 1, 2013.

Displaying Sub-Summary Headers in Reports on the Web with FileMaker and Lasso.


Here are some examples of why you might want to use a sub-summary report:

  • You have a database with sales by salesperson; each salesperson works in a different region and you want one report that let’s you see the total sales by salesperson, as well as all the sales by region.
  • You have a database of contacts and you want a report showing the number of contacts by city and state.
  • You have a registration database and you’ve been asked to produce a report that showed how many males and how many females participated in each event.
  • You want to re-create on the web the FileMaker ability to create sub-summaries that allow several records to be displayed under one header.



  1. Take a look at the Demo database, “Sales Report” layout
  2. Build a lasso page using the [Map] tag

Demo Files

  • Demo.fp7 – the FileMaker database
  • SubSummary_SalesRep.lasso – subsummary by salesrep
  • SubSummary_Region_SalesRep.lasso – subsummary by region and salesrep

How it all works


You can also create summary headers and footers by using the [Summary_Header] and [Summary_Footer: ‘…’] custom tags. For more info on those take a look at the LassoSoft Summary Headers and Footers Tip of the Week.

And , take a look at this LassoSoft Tip of the Week showing a quick and painless way, using variables, to display sub-summary headers in a list using just the [Records] tag.

Download the Code