New in FileMaker 15

New in FileMaker 15

Here’s What’s New in FileMaker 15

New features in FileMaker 15 include FileMaker Go 15 Touch ID and 3D Touch Support, iBeacon Support and App Extensions, Security Enhancements, and more.

Mobility (FileMaker Go 15)
– Touch ID and 3D Touch Support on some iOS devices for added security.
Learn more about Touch ID and 3D Touch Support

App Extensions (FileMaker Go 15)
– send picture from FMGo to an iOS Photo Editing app, edit then save back to your FMGo database
– inside FMGo, export/download/upload files/container contents from/to the Cloud, ex. DropBox, Twitter, etc.
– open a Word document stored in a FMGo container field directly in Microsoft Word
– save a copy of your FMGo database directly to the Cloud (ex. DropBox) vs. emailing it to yourself

iBeacon Support (FileMaker Go 15)
– bluetooth wirelessly collects data from ‘beacons’ within a certain distance, ex. info for self guided tour, location of inventory in warehouse, etc.
– learn more about iBeacons at
– learn more about setting up and using iBeacons with FileMaker Go 15
MLB demos using Apple’s iBeacon technology to deliver personalised, interactive stadium experiences

Tutorial & Demo
– now you can access FileMaker databases from any mobile phone running Mobile Safari 9.x on iOS 9.x or Chrome 48 minimum on Android 5.x and 6.x
– better UI for phones, responsive design for status bar elements

Automation & Integration
– highlight script errors in red when “check for problems”
undo & redo in script workspace specify calculation dialog
– importing or pasting scripts automatically checks for problems
– in-product updates for updates from; user gets notification while using a database and from within that notification window they can download & install the latest FileMaker update; a developer can turn this ability on/off
In Product Updates Demo
– in addition to MySQL and Oracle now you can also connect to DB2 and Postgress databases

Ease of Use
– new “get started” experience with starter solutions & new simplified starter solutions
– faster web-based help via Help menu OR can download help to use offline
– OS X: Full-screen view and split view are supported in FileMaker Pro document windows
– OS X: You can now open and close a pop-up menu with the Space bar

Updated User Interface
– status toolbar has color icons in layout mode
– inspector = icons + colors now instead of just tabs
– FileMaker 15 User Interface

– concealed edit box field type with bullets like web password input (works in FM Pro, GO and WebDirect); does NOT encrypt data in field
33 uses for the concealed edit box.
– proactive security warnings if opening a database/host with an invalid SSL certificate
– prevent other applications from using AppleScript or ActiveX to perform FileMaker scripts
– the Watch tab in the Data Viewer requires that you log in to an account that has full access privileges to view expressions
– you can configure a solution to require users to use Touch ID or an iOS passcode before FileMaker Go can access its keychain
– SSL certificate enhancements; in server admin new buttons to set up SSL: create request, import certificate, view certificate
– more supported SSL certificate types: import intermediate CA certificates, wildcard certificates, subject AltName (SAN) certificates, support for more
– FileMaker 15 Security Enhancements

– portal in-line progress bar: longer running tasks load in parallel, noticeable over WAN connection. Great demo at
– top call statistics logging: via server admin console can see the most ‘expensive’ recent activities; show top 25 calls from connected clients taking longest to process; log can be dragged onto FM to convert into a db that you can chart

– better caching
– FileMaker Go Touch ID and App Extensions, iBeacon support are part of iOS App SDK

New Script Steps
– truncate table: Deletes all records in the specified table regardless of the current found set. Truncate Table may delete records more quickly than Delete All Records when you’re deleting a large number of records. See Truncate Table script step

Changed Script Steps
– script steps that previously included the “Perform without dialog” checkbox now display the “With dialog” option
– convert file: you can choose to verify the SSL certificate of the server specified in an HTTP request for XML data
– import records: you can choose to verify the SSL certificate of the server specified in an HTTP request for XML data
– insert from URL: you can choose to verify the SSL certificate of the server specified in the URL
– send mail: verifies the SSL certificate of an SMTP server that is using an encrypted connection

New Functions
– RangeBeacons: returns a list of iBeacons and their proximity to an iOS device. See RangeBeacons function

Changed Functions
– Get(LastODBCError) is now Get(LastExternalErrorDetail) and returns details about SSL certificate errors in addition to ODBC error

Changed and Removed Features
– OS X: FileMaker Pro can be run only as a 64-bit application. If you use 32-bit-only versions of plug-ins, ODBC client drivers, or audio/video codecs with FileMaker Pro, contact the provider for 64-bit versions of that software
– value lists displayed in pop-up menus: if you define a value list to show values from a second field, a field formatted as a pop-up menu now displays only the value from the first field and applies the data formatting for that field when the pop-up menu is closed. (This is the same behavior as for drop-down lists.) To display the value from the value list and ignore data formatting, select the new Override data formatting with value list Inspector option.
– support has been removed for Acrobat 5 and Acrobat 6 compatibility when you save records as PDF.
– FileMaker Pro User’s Guide has been removed. The information from that guide is in Help.

A New Licensing Model
– A simple way for teams of 5 or more people to license FileMaker software. FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) includes FileMaker Server and User Connections for your team to access your custom apps through FileMaker Pro (for User Connections), FileMaker Go, or FileMaker WebDirect. See FileMaker Licensing for Teams

Operating System Requirements
For FileMaker 15 / FileMaker 15 Advanced desktop software:
– OS X 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan
– Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise editions
– Windows 8.1 Standard & Pro editions
– Windows 7 SP1 Professional & Ultimate editions

For FileMaker Go 15:
– iOS devices running iOS 9.3
– requires iTunes 12.x if using iTunes to move files

For FileMaker 15 Server:
– OS X 10.10 Yosemite and 10.11 El Capitan
– Windows Server 2012 RS Standard Edition with Update – Microsoft KB2919355
– Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard or Enterprise edition

WebDirect browser support:
– Desktop browsers = Safari 9.x, IE 11.x, MS Edge 25 minimum, Chrome 48 minimum
– Mobile browsers = Mobile Safari 9.x on iOS 9.x, Chrome 48 minimum on Android 5.x and 6.x