Case Studies

Here's a look at some of our work - testimonials, clients and case studies.

Online Surveys and Research Data Collection Instruments

Since 2005 Creative Computing has worked in partnership with a number of clients to build many sophisticated online surveys and research data collection instruments, including some for research projects spanning multiple years.

One multi-year project for a not-for-profit research center was an online survey of over 1000 users with complex branching logic. Instead of making users walk through dozens of questions that were not relevant to them, Creative Computing helped them implement logic that fed users questions based on relevancy.

We built them a highly extensible web application that they could modify to accommodate changing needs. They estimate that Creative Computing created their survey in 1/10 of the time they estimated it would take them to do the work internally, saving them valuable time and resources. And the online survey saved the users almost four hours of data entry time over the paper version.

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Saved the users almost four hours of data entry time over the paper version.

Tami has helped us on numerous projects including four very complex online surveys requiring login modules, complicated skip patterns, database support for both FileMaker Pro and MySQL, and an exquisite attention to detail!

When we first started working with Tami, she created the entire survey system for us, but in later iterations, was happy to train me how to do a large part of the work. Not only did she save us both time and money, but our end users as well. In our most recent project, the creation of an online version of a paper data collection tool, the online version saved the users almost four hours of data entry time over the paper version, allowing the users to answer only the questions pertinent to their case, rather than having to read every question on a 175 page document.

If I had tried to create our first survey on my own, it would have taken me at least 10 times longer and would not have been as flexible. The system that Tami created for our first survey allowed us great flexibility in creating subsequent surveys and data collection tools. Tami has also greatly increased my skill set by showing me how to take over parts of the projects. Going forward, I have a much better idea of what I can tackle on my own, and what makes sense to send over to her to create or complete.

Tami has been, in several situations, my only source of technical support in my job, and has never let me down. She's always cheerful, helpful, adaptable to the many changes necessary, and always willing to listen to a drawn out explanation of what _this_ instrument needs to do. This has been an amazing working relationship and one I value.

June 2009