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The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. (HGA) Membership Management and Event Registration

HGA provides educational programs, conferences, and an award-winning quarterly publication, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, to over 4,000 weavers, spinners, dyers, basketmakers, fiber artists and educators as it seeks to increase awareness of and appreciation for the fiber arts.

HGA was unhappy with their current system - PeoplewarePro, a FoxPro database from Peopleware. It was too difficult to enter and retrieve data and they needed more flexibility and customization.

Creative Computing created an application which allows them to schedule workshops, seminars, tours, and classes, manage facilities and room setups, identify instructors, set up multi-level fees, process payments and refunds, view registration counts and income revenue, prevent overbooking of sessions and double-booking of instructors, track budgets, handle registrations, and generate name badges, tickets, labels and personalized instructor and customer correspondence for multiple conferences.

Users reported that the new system saved them so much time on data entry that they were able to spend more time focusing on marketing, planning and custom service for their conferences.

Creative Computing continues to add enhancements to their FileMaker Convergence application, develop Lasso web applications and provide on-going support.

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A huge savings in personnel costs and time.

Dear Tami,

Thank you for your recent efforts providing the solutions we needed for the management of Convergence, HGAs biennial conference. Everyone here is thrilled! We are delighted about the time we saved, the ease of use of the program and your always quick turn-around time you consistently provided.

I want you to know what a pleasant working experience it has been for all of usboth staff and volunteers. I also want to let you know how amazed I have been at your ability to quickly see the big picture, comprehend the problems, remember the details and put the needed solutions into the process. And you are so cheerful and pleasant all the time!

HGA has benefited more than I ever dreamed by increased revenues, faster time from registration to confirmation, decreased costs, improved operational efficiency, stopped redundancy, increased customer satisfaction, and improved customer retention levels. You provided key services to HGA that helped us develop and produce our conference and serve our members needs efficiently and much more effectively than at any time in the past 15 years!

The new application was a lifesaver for the Convergence 2004 Denver Conference held this past summer. To give you an idea of how much time we saved in 2004 working with the software you developed as compared to prior conferencesin 2002 it took an average of 20 minutes for each data entry personnel to enter one conference delegate and print the confirmation letter. In 2004 the process was done in less than five minutes. This was a huge savings in personnel costs and time. Data entry and confirmation take so much less time that we could focus more on the marketing and planning aspects of our conference. In addition to improving the registration and confirmation process the program was equally wonderful in helping us with only 2 employees (1 full-time and 1 part-time) to manage:
  • over 200 events
  • over 1,800 registrations
  • over 120 instructors
  • over 150 vendors
  • over 8,000 contact numbers
  • over 4,000 addresses
  • over 1,800 name badges
  • over 18,000 tickets
  • over 1,700 financial transactions
  • over 1,500 pieces of correspondence
On site the program worked like a charm. We always have people coming to us at the last minute at the conference saying "I lost my schedule", or asking to register, or asking us to locate someone. We were able to answer all the questions, right then and there.

I'm proud to be able to tell people that we chose to work with Creative Computing and would recommend you and your services.

Sandra Bowles
Former Executive Director
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.