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Pulsed Power Technologies: Customers, Inventory and Purchase Orders + Google Cluster Map Integration | Bento to FileMaker Pro 13 conversion.

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The transition was easy, no problems, and extremely quick.

Here at Pulsed Power Technologies we assemble parts for PEMF units.

Creative Computing helped us get started using FileMaker Pro for all of our organizational needs. Creative Computing also did all the work getting us transferred from our old organizing system to the new and improved one. The transition was easy, no problems, and extremely quick.

Before the switch we found it difficult to track our clients, and keep our records updated. The previous program had very little areas to enter information, causing the whole system to be very disorganized. Now that Creative Computing has installed our new organizing system, we would use no other computerized organizing system. It makes it extremely easy to track our product, and keep up with our customers.

If we ever have any questions or need a change made, Creative Computing is quick to help, and more than happy to do so. We love using Creative Computing and would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Ahmi Austin
Operations Support Services
Contact Tessa Web, VP of Operations for more info.
August 25, 2014