Custom Software

Want to make your company more efficient? Need software tailored to the needs of your department, team, or a particular individual? Call us.

What We Do

How We Do It

Custom database and web application development is a collaborative and time intensive process. It requires the business owners to share their vision for the software and outline the most important features and functions of how they want their system to work. It also requires a developer who can translate the business owners vision into a system that is easy to use and maintain.

Often it is hard to know exactly what you want, until you see what the technology can do for you. With this in mind, Creative Computing works closely with you from the beginning of the project until the very end. We work with you to define an initial project plan and give you updates and suggestions. We also provide opportunities for feedback so you can help us satisfy your needs.

Tools We Use

Creative Computing believes in using the right tool for the job. Our technologies of choice include rapid development database and web tools:


Our goal is to build systems that are easy to use and maintain. We believe the most successful technology implementations are the result of users being well trained and comfortable with the product. This is why we make sure to spend the necessary time to empower users to manage and maintain their systems. After the initial development, most of our clients manage and update their systems in-house. However, if you ever need additional assistance, or are interested in on-going support, we happily provide those services as well.


In addition to basic user training when we implement new systems, Creative Computing offers hands-on Lasso training to individuals and groups, online Lasso classes and free Lasso webinars. We offer a speciality "Lasso Cookbook" class where we introduce users to key functions and provide a CD containing recipes for Lasso success. We also offer a Lasso Master Class which is designed to take intermediate Lasso programmers to the next level. And we also offer customized Lasso and FileMaker training.