GIT and Coda Workflow

Creative Computing’s Tami Williams is hosting a FREE webinar on using the GIT version control system and the lightweight Coda text editor.

GIT and Coda workflow will be presented by Brian Loomis.

Attendees at this fast paced session will gain an understanding of how to use GIT to manage everything from their graphic designer to FileMaker (ever wanted unlimited undo's or cherry pick a spot in FileMaker history? ). Because of GIT's structure as a distributed model for version control and other features it has gained wide adoption in the LlNUX community and among developers in other languages and frameworks.

Attendees will also explore a workflow structure using GIT to manage a Lasso project in Coda with simple deployments. Learn how to securely deploy code without exposing services like FTP to the public on your server.

ADDED BONUS: Attendees of the live presentation receive the demo files, GIT bookmarks and cheat-sheets and more.

Presentation ends with a question and answer period.


Brian Loomis of Virtual Relations began scripting by automating spreadsheet applications on an Apple IIsi in 1989. He annually attends the Scripting Matters AppleScript Conference, the Lasso Developer Conference, and the FileMaker Developers Conference, and presented in the ad-hoc sessions on Separation of Data and Interface in 2008. Brian is an Apple Consultants Network Member, and Adobe Solution Partner.