itPage, an Open-Source
CMS for Lasso

Creative Computing’s Tami Williams is hosting a FREE webinar on a Lasso open-source content management system.

itPage, an Open-Source CMS for Lasso will be presented by Eric Landmann.

This presentation introduces itPage, a general-purpose CMS framework. Topics covered include itPage logic flow, page building, database structure, and custom tags. The admin area will be explored, covering the image library, file library, navigation heirarchy, setting up galleries, testimonials and portfolios, and page templates.

itPage allows the developer to build graphically-rich, yet simple to administer websites. itPage sites provide their owners with portfolios, testimonials, image galleries, stories, clean URLs, graphically-rich content (including native .swf and video), and tools for natural SEO optimization. Emphasis will be on the creativity and flexibility afforded to the developer by itPage.

Administrators have access to the navigation heirarchy, page content, multiple templates, broad image and media handling, SEO tailoring (site-wide or per-page), jQuery goodness, mailserver and webserver settings, and a user framework.

ADDED BONUS: Attendees of the live presentation receive a PDF of the presentation (also on Slideshare), and a PDF of itPage resources which contains codebase location, Wiki, and talk list!

Presentation ends with a question and answer period.


Eric Landmann is the owner of Landmann InterActive, a web development company in Madison, WI, USA. He is the author of Graphics Finder, a Lasso-based digital asset management system. Eric has been a speaker or roundtable host at three Lasso Developer Conferences, presenting sessions titled "Using ImageMagick, Lasso and PassThru," "Implementing a Changes Tracking System," and "Under the Hood, Debugging Tips and Tricks."

Additionally, through Iterate LLC, he is the owner and developer of, a subscription-based issue tracking service for developers and website owners.